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 HX-007 Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine 

HX-007 Ultrasonic sealing machine is advanced equipment for plastic tube sealing  and aluminum plastic tube sealing. It uses ultrasonic seacl the plastic tube heat shock effect produced by the transduver and to rapidly melt adhesive.  

No need to add any supplements,even if the surface contamination, but also will not affect the sealing result. 

HX-007 with automatic tube orientation (mark sensor), automatic sealing , auto date printing and trimming.

Technical Parameters
Model HX-007
Frequency  20KHZ
Power 1500W
Power supply AC220V 
Capacity 8-15tubes/min
Sealing Dia 5-50mm
Max. Height  250mm
N.W 98kgs
Dimension L850*W600*H640mm

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