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 HX-61B Semi-automatic Single Station Vacuum Forming Machine 

HX-61B Semi-automatic Single Station Vacuum Forming Machine is use for container(tray) making. It is adapt for PVC,PP,PET, PETG,POF,PS,HI-PS,PC materials It can transform plastic sheets into various plastic blisters.These blisters are widely used in hardware,stationery,commodity,electronic products.health products.disposable box etc.

Main features

1) This machine is semi-automatic, pull plastic sheet and move electric furnace    are artificial. Other actions are done automatically.

2) The control board is near the operator, can be operated easily, greatly improve the efficiency of production.

3) The far-infrared ceramic heating elements can control every single block  heater temperature, easy temperature control.

4) The furnace is guided by bearing and guide pin, can move steady, enhance efficiency and furnace life.

5) The cooling fan is equipped with a wide mouth and spray device, to improve efficiency and product quality.

6) This machine can be equipped water spray cooling system if the blister is  deep and complex.

7) This machine can form all kinds of blisters just replace mould.

Technical Parameters
Model HX-61B
Power 12.5KW
Power Supply AC380V three phase
Size Of Forming  L610*W560mm
Height Of Forming  180mm
Stroke Of Down Mold 200mm
Capacity 60-90times/H
Vacuum Pump 4LS
N.W 500kgs
Dimension L1600*W720*H1900mm

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