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 HX-50 Three Working Stations Hot Sealing Machine 

This machine is suitable for PVC, PET, PETG etc, blister and carton seal together.

The machine is simple and convenient to operate and has high efficiency, is used to blister and carton packing, such as toys, stationeries, batteries, foods, commodities, samll tools, which can make the packed goods anti-damped, bright and clarity, finery.


1.Controlled electric heating principle , 

2.Complete blister with cardboard heat sealing .

3.Crystal packaged result, transparent packaged ,improve quality .

Trigger micro switch inside the machine pulse heating system 

and cooling system will operate automatically.

Technical Parameters
Model HX-50
Power 1.5KW
Size Of Seal 300*500mm
Capacity 15-18times/min
Dimension L950*W600*H1300mm
Air Compressor 2HP
N.W 100ks

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